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Resistance & Self-awareness

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Be your own Anchor Podcast: Episode 2

Self-awareness: Recognition of your responsibility in creating your reality as Caroline Nderitu defines it.

When we think of the year 2020, Spread of COVID-19, 22123 deaths, Nationwide Lockdown, Stock Market circuits, Vishakhapatnam Gas Leak, Cyclone Apmhan, Cyclone Nisagara, Indo-China conflict, work from home & work at home comes to our head. And the list doesn’t end here, world over there is much more.

But if we were to shift our perspective for a second and look at the positives, we will realise that 2020 has been a year of transformation.

Research says that living out the same daily routines means that our brain is running along the same neural pathways it’s learnt to work over time. Therefore, it becomes important to break our routine often to self-reflect, make tweaks and do things that our not working for us differently. And that is exactly what lockdown forced us into. It has put each one of us through a different kind of journey to come to face some of our inner complexities.

Point I am trying to make is I know each one of us have gone through a different kind of journey under this lockdown and have come to face some of our inner complexities.

Like for instance I discovered that I can cook for other people, I am decent at it and I also enjoy it. Reflecting back I realized that as a girl I was encouraged & pushed towards kitchen work. And because I disagreed with the gender defined roles and unequal treatment, as a child I developed an unhealthy response to the whole issue. Complete resistance became my way to challenge it.

So my question here is: What is self-awareness or inner awareness as many would call it, how can one develop it. And how it can help in choosing healthy and wiser decisions in life?

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