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Information abundance & Conscious consumption

Be your own Anchor podcast: Episode 5

“What you seek is seeking you”. A statement meant in a bigger context, now applies to internet content, facebook & google ads as well.

Many of us acknowledge and utilize the power of DIGITAL marketing in driving traffic to our respective business website. To appear to someone who’s actively searching for what we offer & when they really need it through keyword targeting. Long story short, to stay competitive as a business owner today one has to embrace DIGITAL content & marketing. It has come to play a vital role for business and brand awareness.

But what about the flipside of targeted marketing? When at receiving end we often get creeped out by those precise marketing campaigns. Now not only there is abundance of information but also abundance of the exact information that we seek. And this can be damaging sometimes, if we are not mindful about what information we choose to consume. Because when we feel endorsed in our thoughts, our view & personal growth becomes limited.

So the question here is simple: all things have a upside and downside. It is on us on how we as a society capitalize on the pluses without being too impacted by the minuses. The information abundance, the DIGITAL world and targeted marketing is here to stay and only expected to grow bigger, on the other hand the time we spend on social media is not expected to come down either. Then how can we build this consciousness around what information we choose to consume and retain? Especially when in a more negative state of mind.

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