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Patriarchy & Self-Sabotage

Be your own Anchor podcast: Episode 4

“We have to embrace the idea that equality doesn’t mean that people are all the same, but instead that they are treated with the same dignity regardless of their differences.” – Madison Kimrey.

One big transformation that we, as a society, are seeking today is freedom from patriarchy. And some of us hold very strong and contrasting views and opinions about the whole issue. So, without wanting to advocate any one school of thought here, let's take a step back from our perspectives for a bit to explore and reflect on how aware and accepting we are of our own roles & responsibilities in affecting this change.

A very through-provoking article on internet recently questioned that “We are slowly moving towards equality in public space. But what about patriarchy within the four walls?”

And we women has a huge role to play in changing this. All of us realize instantly each time we are not treated as an equal or not spoken to in a dignified way, but there are instances where we subconsciously choose to internalize and accept it. We rationalize their behavior and manipulate ourselves into believing otherwise in name of peace & love.

And this is unhealthy for us as a society. Because by not being vocal to the opposite gender, we limit their understanding of women, what is acceptable to us and our expectations from them. Result is we fail to do our bit to educate & help our men grow and evolve. And this applies to all of us whether in the role of a mother, daughter, wife, friend or colleague.

It is said that when we change, the world changes. And the key to all change is in our inner transformation. So, it is important that we women become conscious of this self-sabotaging behavior that we indulge into very often. Accept that about ourselves without any judgement, and attempt to change it slowly overtime.

We can then start being vocal about our rights & expectations and how we feel they are not being respected. But throughout this entire journey it is important that we remain kind and patient with our own self.

It is possible to break this mental conditioning by bringing in more self-awareness. And it demands deep personal honesty, which will only come from asking & answering hard questions. There is great power in being completely aware of yourself, because then you don’t define yourself by what others think of you.

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